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Overview of my role

I was approached by Bank of America to rethink their mobile banking offer. I combined research and insights, perviously gathered during my time at other financial organisations to formulate the basis of my recommendation. These insights allowed me to prioritise user needs and associated product features tailored specifically to a device that is always with you.

Many banking Apps currently in market only focus ways to display transaction data on a smaller screen. I chose to approach the product by looking to enriching the user experience through the data captured at the moment of the transaction. This customer centric approach allowed me to rethink the way the bank could use this data to offer real value to their customers.

Bank of America

Product design leadership for a mobile banking experience
that finally puts customers ahead of the queue.

Browsing transactions made easy

Replacing banking codes with actual merchant details so you stay on top of your spend.

Better know your spend

Spend history

We categorises every incoming
and outgoing transaction to make it easier to see the impact of spending decisions on everyday finances.

Easily track your balance through easy to follow financial graphs.
Predictive spend

The Predictive Advisor uses advanced financial analysis techniques to forecast users balances so they can make more informed financial decisions.

Multiple views

Easily switch between different financial views to get insights into weekly or monthly spending habits.

Balance sheet

Track the incoming deposits and outgoing expenses through easy-to-follow graphs which will help ensure users stay on top of their finances.

Giving users what they actually need

Delivering useful features that help users with their everyday banking needs.

Smarter transactions

The App gives users complete access to all transaction details including the location, tax receipt, itemised breakdown and complete biller information. Keeping on top of expenses has just become a whole lot easier to manage.

Self-managed control

Allow users to self manage their banking with instant effect. Changing a credit card's limit, ordering a replacement card, redeeming cash back offers, changing a pin number and putting a credit card on hold are all easily managed within the App in a matter of seconds.

Brilliant customer support

Connect with 24/7 support wherever, whenever, with in-App live chat, connecting users instantly. Replacing a lost card, opening a second account or querying a transaction has never been so easy.

Adaptive to your accounts

The screen adapts to your different accounts and cards making it much easier to tell them apart.

Features that respond to user needs

The design and prototyping of a set of features to improve the way users do everyday banking.

A home screen
that identifies the users financial position from the very start.

Easily browsable transaction data and financial balances.

Total control via easy-to-usen tools and services allowing users to self manage their banking.

In-dept financial tracking and transaction data to help users stay on top of their spend.

Real time in App chat to connect instantly with customer support.

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